Server Wipe and Customization

Hello, everyone!

This serves as a head’s up of our two upcoming server wipes. The first is taking place on May 14, 2024 as we prepare for our exciting changes in our server structure! The second will be a Liquid Meadows launch wipe will only be a few weeks after the first. As communicated on Discord, livestream, and social media, this wipe will clear all creations and structures on every Coreborn server. This will facilitate our next few exciting phases.

Stand-Alone Servers

One of the exciting changes we previously announced is the inclusion of stand-alone servers. This will allow you to have the opportunity to play Coreborn on a more personal level with a local environment. We’ve been keeping tabs and this has been a highly-requested feature for quite some time now. As you can imagine, we’re happy to bring it to life.

In addition, this will also present the opportunity for private servers that players will have the option to rent in order to house their own Coreborn community. We strongly believe this builds endless possibilities in your own spaces and, again, is a frequently requested feature. Due to the nature of this creation, this also means removal of encryption. So while this does leave room for modding, please do so at your own discretion. We will not have our own mod support.

The public servers will still be available to those who prefer to play the way you’ve already become accustomed to playing.


One of the fun aspects of Coreborn are the holiday-themed items acquired during Frostfall, St. Gibb’s Day, and more. After the server wipe, we will introduce a vendor that will provide players to gain access to those holiday items. Also, they’ll have items that are otherwise not dropped by normal means.


To offer a bridge between these two points and keep your building spirits high, we’ll be creating a little contest to reward solo town builds and group town builds. It will be a way to really showcase your win and your creativity. More details to come on that.

Liquid Meadows and More…

We’re still on the fast track to push out Liquid Meadows, The Children of the Source, new furnishings, mounts, and more features to continue to build upon what has made Coreborn special with the community. This extreme focus means that the frequency of updates (normally every ~3-4 weeks) will minimize and our roadmap is under construction.

We’re happy to be providing this exciting change; as we’ve said in the past, it’s your voice that has been steering our direction towards what you’ve requested. Thank you for supporting and playing and we look forward to these upcoming releases! If you have any questions, please reach out in our Discord!

We are still in Early Access; the goal is still to utilize it as a chance to refine and improve the game. We expect this is the last big improvement before launch for a fluid experience with less maintenance required in the future.

For more information on these changes and the global server wipe, please make sure to watch the YouTube video that covers this exact topic and check out the rest of our videos, too, please!

Thank you again and happy building!

– Your Blankhans Team

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