Patch Notes 2023-10-30 [Dark is the Night]



  • “The Night” has fallen on Ambros. We adjusted the nights to be much darker and introduced new challenges to it making it a more hostile experience compared to the day.
  • The nocturnal creatures will now roam Ambros when dawn sets in. Don’t let yourself be too lulled by their shine; they are much stronger than their daytime counterparts.
  • Added three new gathering resources that spawn at night. You’ll find fireflies, glowing mushrooms and the mysterious moonstones. These resources stand out with their glow in the Dark and are rare but easy to spot once found.

New Equipment

  • Added the powerful Moonhunter set that can be crafted from the loot and resources that came with the night.
  • Introduced a torch as a new tool. It helps you navigate in the darkness and also calms nearby nocturnal creatures.
  • Added three new accessories that cast light around you. It comes in handy for situations where you better have the sword and not the torch drawn.

New Interior Decorations

  • Added three sets of interior lamps to illuminate your towns you can find in your building menu after you unlocked the recipes. You can choose from wood, stone or metal and each set comes with four standing and four wall-mounted lamps. The number of lamps you can place is limited and increases with your town level.
  • During the Halloween festivities in Tormentosia, you have the opportunity to decorate your house with pumpkin lanterns. In Coreheim, you’ll find a Jibbling that’s hard to miss and can provide you with lantern recipes. He’ll be around until the 14th of November.


  • Introduced a new attack chain system that you can experience when fighting the nocturnal creatures. This is a first step we want to experiment with to make combat more diverse and challenging. In a fight, you need to carefully consider when to engage and when to take a step back.
  • Added a new dimension to the aggro system that takes light sources into account. When equipped with a lightsource, aggressive creatures will be more shy before engaging with you. Nonetheless, you should avoid getting too comfy with them.


  • Improved the jump animation by adding visual weight representation before jump and after landing showing impact.
  • Improved the existing fall animation. Added the ability where the player goes to a panic fall loop animation when falling from great heights.
  • In addition, we added a rough landing animation to improve the feedback for the fall damage when falling from great heights.
  • There’s now the ability to slide from steep angles, instead of running down and up. The animations will get polished soon, but the changes should already add more fluidity to locomotion.
  • The input lag for the dash and dodge has been reduced.


  • Added a new night-themed OST that you can sometimes hear during the night

Quality of life improvements

  • You can now move building pieces by holding K
  • You now get some resources back when you destroy building pieces by pressing X
  • Improved the visibility of building system blueprints for easier placement during the night
  • Added a small arrow indicating the orientation of certain building pieces when placing the building blueprint
  • Status effects now show their duration


  • Updated the French localization (shout out to CdriX from our community 🙌)
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes for other languages

Performance improvements

  • Improved network performance to allow faster building replication to the clients


  • Fixed a bug that caused town centers and workstations to sometimes use the wrong town permissions if towns were really close to each other
  • Storage chests are now affected by gravity and no longer get destroyed when they lose stability they just drop to the ground
  • Adjusted the size of the gigantic log that was spawned from small trees
  • Fixed visual issues on the river near the Graveyard
  • Fixed a bug where offline town members were not shown correctly
  • Fixed a bug that lead to missing icons in the skill menu
  • Fixed a bug that prevented rotating the character while creation
  • Removed landscape spikes in the ocean
  • Fixed a bug that lead to issues when remapping keys
  • Prevent creatures from spawning inside your house
  • Fixed some bugs that could lead to server crashes
  • Added a couple of improvements (backend, matchmaking) to prevent connection issues

Known issues

  • Under certain conditions, player inputs can get blocked upon login. This results in players not being able to draw tools or jump. This happens very rarely and we can’t pinpoint the exact reason for this behavior just yet. You can resolve this by restarting the game. 

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