Patch Notes 2023-08-01

It’s about that time, everyone! We’re happy to bring you our FOURTH patch update! As per usual, we’ve included some updates that are based on your feedback to improve your quality-of-life in Ambros!


  • User-specific Keybinding is finally a thing now!
  • You can now remove Town Expansions you’ve already placed. Keep in mind you can only destroy the furthest expansion from your town center. Also if a creature destroys a town extension all extensions beyond that distance will be destroyed as well.
  • The uncommon Oropala Armor Set got added to the creature-specific mystery bags.
  • We added a credits button to the main menu so you can see who worked on the game!

Game Design:

  • The quality of a mystery bag is now determined by the lowest quality item in its loot table.
  • We slightly increased the drop rate of Golden Garnet.

UI / UX:

  • Names of your town members are now shown, even when they are offline

3D, Level Design, and Animations:

  • More resources that previously spawned too high up or outside the shield were placed back on the ground and within the shield.
  • We added some Griz to certain caves.
  • The outskirts of Coreheim got a little polish.
  • But also, Coreheim itself got polished, so check it out!
  • Mud that before spawned on Iron Ore Spawns got removed.

Please continue to provide feedback to our groups via all communication pipelines—we love to hear it! Also, stay tuned for some really cool updates coming your way very soon. (I know we keep saying that, but it also keeps coming true, yeah? So: stay tuned!)

– Blankhans Team

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